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Travel in cars, on trains, on planes, and any other form of transportation.

  •  Travel Friendly – Folding mobility scooters provide all the convenience, comfort, and independence of standard models – yet they can go anywhere with you.
  •  However, with folding mobility scooters, you don’t have to let narrow spaces and insufficient storage space keep you from going where you want to.
  •  At Olympus Mobility Scooters, our folding scooters are the ideal modern solution for senior citizens who love to travel.
  •  You can simply fold the scooter into a more compact shape, allowing it to be stored away wherever space is available, without having to cause potential obstructions or inconvenience others.
  •  Folding mobility scooters accommodate the most independently-minded individuals, and are available in a wide range of designs.


Our folding mobility scooters are motorized, easy to control, and built to last – there is no compromise on quality due to the difference in function. As they are generally smaller in size than non-folding models, with more streamlined designs, folding mobility scooters are easier to maneuver indoors – making them perfect for everyday use as well as when traveling.
Being able to fold your mobility scooter is a convenient solution for senior citizens living in compact homes or apartments. Having to rely on the support walkers and wheelchairs offer can affect people’s sense of independence enough, and having them take up valuable space can be frustrating.
Folding mobility scooters increase your self-reliance without taking up too much space in your home. Trust Olympus to help you rediscover your independence, remember just how wonderful the freedom to travel can be, and find a mobility scooter that fits into your home – no matter how little room you may have.


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